Origin and History[edit | edit source]

CodeIdle was Mint Studios' first-ever released game. It consisted of no saving. This games genre is a clicker game. Using the Godot Engine, it spent ~10 hours on development. It's gone up all the way to version 0.3 and is available for Android (apk), Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Even though it was the studio's first released game, it is actually it's 2nd developed game! It was released on itch.io on August 25th, 2019. Total revenue for this game $0.00.

Intro[edit | edit source]

CodeIdle is a clicker game. It's main currencies are Code and Money. First, you get up to 100 Code. Making and selling the To-Do List App will cost you that 100 Code, but get you $150 in return. Then, respectively, buy the High Schooler or the University Student. Now, be careful - it's price per minute. It's very easy to fall in the hole a couple grand. Have fun!

Future Plans[edit | edit source]

As of now, all CodeIdle development has been shut down. Mint Studios is planning to release CodeIdle2 in the end of 2020.

Game Guide[edit | edit source]

Making and Selling Apps[edit | edit source]

Price - Code Gain - Money
To-Do List 100 Code $150
Calendar 200 Code $325
Clock 250 Code $400
Puzzle 300 Code $500
Weather 500 Code $1000
Simulation 750 Code $2000
Streaming 1000 Code $3000
Shooter 1250 Code $4000

Hiring Coders[edit | edit source]

Price / Minute Code / Second
High Schooler $100 P/M 1 C/S
University Student $150 P/M 2 C/S
Freelancer $250 P/M 3 C/S
Junior Dev $275 P/M 4 C/S
Indie Dev $350 P/M 5 C/S
Senior Dev $500 P/M 7 C/S
Front-End Dev $650 P/M 10 C/S
Data Scientist $900 P/M 15 C/S
Game Dev $1200 P/M 20 C/S
Full-Stack Dev $1500 P/M 25 C/S
Illegal Dev $2500 P/M 50 C/S
Dev Corporation $4000 P/M 100 C/S

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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